Vintage interracial porn tubes : “Ma mere me Prostitue”

Name: Ma mere me Prostitue

Duration: 124 min

Language: French

Year: 1982

Director: Francis Leroi

Country: France

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Gabriel Pontello,Dominique Aveline,Jacques Gatteau,Andre Kay,Jacques Marbeuf,Dominique Saint-Clair,Olivier Mathot,Michel de Nyokinos,Ghislain Garet,Claude Valmont,Sylvain Mander,Dany Berger,Jean-Claude Sadient,Victor Samama,Jacques Dales

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Actress: Nicole Segaud,Brigitte Verbecq,Christine Black,Lise Pinson,Isabelle Brell,Mascha Mouton,Patricia Santos

A bourgeois couple is attacked by two perverted bikers. The wife is fucked the mean guys, and visibly enjoys the experience. Her husband consequently leaves her. As he’s frozen all her assets, she gets the idea to send her young daughter out into the streets to prostitute herself. The sweet little girls is henceforth let slimey, over-weight businessmen with a costume-fetish fondle her. Until a heroic friend liberates her from her evil mother, who in turn ends up living the life of a street-hooker.


Vintage interracial porn tubes : “Oriental Sexpress”

Name: Oriental Sexpress

Language: English

Director: R. ‘Wild Bill’ Williams

Country: United States

Duration: 80 min

Year: 1984

Actors: Ed Navarro,Blair Harris,King Paul,Lee LeMay

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Actress: Lili Marlene,Sandy Summers,Laya,Kimki,Vicki Lane,Asia


Vintage interracial porn tubes in “Unveiled”

Name: Unveiled

Language: English

Year: 1986

Director: Victor Nye

Country: United States

Duration: 75 min

Actors: Mike Horner,Billy Dee,Francois,David Scott,Tim Banger,Francois Papilion

Actress: Taija Rae,Erica Boyer,Krista Lane,Mai Lin,Nikki Knights,Patti Petite,Alexis Greco

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Your most sensual legend… isn’t a legend anymore.


Vintage interracial porn tubes : “Golden Age Of Porn: Aja”

Name: Golden Age Of Porn: Aja

Country: United States


Language: English


Duration: 70 min

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Actors: Ron Jeremy,Peter North,Jon Dough

Actress: Aja

Porn star Aja is a sexy, truly heart-stoppingly gorgeous brunette with full breasts and a hard dance-honed body. She had deep brown eyes that you feel you could fall into. Oone of the most beautiful and sexually powerful performers ever to appear in adult films, Aja stayed at the top of fans’ and critics’ lists throughout her four-year carnal career! Aja was also quite a superior actress to most in the field, and this combin ed with her devastating good looks and total lack of inhibition to keep her among the elite of X-rated sex starlets


Erica Boyer : Vintage interracial porn tubes

Erica Boyer : Vintage interracial porn tubes

Name: Desire For Men

Duration: 76 min

Director: Carol Connors

Country: United States

Year: 1981

Language: English

Actors: Hershel Savage,Ed Navarro,Dan T Mann,Jesse Adams,Kirk Wilder,Darnell Mason,James Arnon,Paul,Michael Lawerance,Lew Mann

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Actress: Erica Boyer,Serena,Nicole Black,Misty Regan,Carol Connors,Long Jean Silver,Mimi Goode,Laura Shawn,Darlene Mead

Erica Boyer : Vintage interracial porn tubes


Teresa Orlowski in Vintage interracial porn tubes

Teresa Orlowski in Vintage interracial porn tubes

Name: Double Desires

Year: 1988

Duration: 141 min

Language: English

Country: United States


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Actors: Ron Jeremy,Rocco Siffredi,Tom Byron,John Leslie,Roberto Malone,Joey Silvera,Christophe Clark,Gabriel Pontello,Marc Wallace,Hershel Savage,Billy Dee,Laury Davis

Teresa Orlowski in Vintage interracial porn tubes

There’s always some frantic fun going on when two guys and one gal get together for a double penetration party! Joey Silvera and John Leslie get down and dirty with a brazen blonde bimno, while Herschel Savage and Gabriel Pontello open up an auburn haired honey to more outrageous anal action! Sizzling Sheri St. Claire is in a leather mood, as she commands Ron Jeremy and Billy Dee to do her bidding. There’s many more carnal combinations, until the frantic finale-where Eurosex-queen Teresa Orloski takes on a stable of four studs in a piston-pounding anal climax that’ll have you panting for more!


Jasmin Duran actress in “Horny Heatwaves”

Name: Horny Heatwaves

Language: German

Country: Germany

Director: Sascha Alexander

Year: 1989

Duration: 85 min

Actors: Christophe Clark,Billy Dee,Frank James

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Actress: Ebony Ayes,Jasmin Duran,Gaelle Pererra,Nina Crosley