Hillary Summers nude – “Silky”

Name: Silky

Director: Joe Sarno

Language: English

Year: 1980

Country: United States

Duration: 85 min

Actress: Gloria Leonard,Hillary Summers,Merle Michaels,Christine DeShaffer,Monica Devon,Robin Byrd

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Actors: Ron Jeremy,Robert Bolla,Bobby Astor,George Payne,Ashley Moore,David Ruby,Ron Hudd,Rick Iverson,David Savage,Roy Stuart,Marc Valentine,Sandi Suarez

The beautiful bombshell Merle Michaels takes us on a journey of her and some of her erotic friends’ sexual exploits. Silky is a wall to wall, high voltage, sextravaganza. Some of Silky’s friends include Gloria Leonard, newcomer latina Sandi Suarez and the ever beautiful Robin Byrd. Ms. Leonard’s adventure details a day with her hairdresser (Sandi Suarez). These two have the largest set of breasts ever seen at the same time on the blue screen. They have a ball exploring each other in depth. Robin Byrd plays a newly-wed who goes on a business trip with her husband. The hotel personel never had it so good, and of course, Merle Michaels recreates session after session of fiery sex in this smoldering sensational treat.


Cathy Menard – French classic porn movies

Cathy Menard - French classic porn movies

Name: A Wife That Do It All

Director: Patrick Aubin

Language: French

Country: France

Year: 1982

Duration: 137 min

Categories: French classic porn movies, Cathy Menard, 1982, France, French, Patrick Aubin, Cathy Menard, Carole Pierac, Isabelle Brel, Dominique Aveline, Hubert Geral, Fabienne Parc, Daniele Gueco

Actress: Cathy Menard,Carole Pierac,Isabelle Brel

Actors: Dominique Aveline,Hubert Geral,Fabienne Parc,Daniele Gueco

Cathy Menard - French classic porn movies

"Tired of the monotony of their sex life, a couple decides to ""go loose"". Both indulge in their most shameful impulses…masochistic impulses, sadistic impulses. She becomes a female-bitch running all the orders of a pervert master that can’t get satisfied. Starts for them a hallucinating climb…